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Dosing Ratio Max Flow Doser Code
0,03 – 0,2 % 0,75 m3/h MX.075.P032
1,50 m3/h MX.150.P032
2,50 m3/h MX.250.P032
3,00 m3/h MX.300.P032
Dosing Ratio Max Flow Doser Code
0,2 – 2 % 0,75 m3/h MX.075.P022
1,50 m3/h MX.150.P022
2,50 m3/h MX.250.P022
3,00 m3/h MX.300.P022
Dosing Ratio Max Flow Doser Code
0,5 – 4 % 0,75 m3/h MX.075.P054
1,50 m3/h MX.150.P054
2,50 m3/h MX.250.P054
3,00 m3/h MX.300.P054
Dosing Ratio Max Flow Doser Code
1 – 5 % 0,75 m3/h MX.075.P150
1,50 m3/h MX.150.P150
2,50 m3/h MX.250.P150
3,00 m3/h MX.300.P150
Dosing Ratio Max Flow Doser Code
1 – 10 % 0,75 m3/h MX.075.P110
1,50 m3/h MX.150.P110
2,50 m3/h MX.250.P110
3,00 m3/h MX.300.P110

The Mixtron dosing pump can be supplied with ON-OFF valve on the cover (ON-OFF system is an option supplied on request).
ON-OFF valve in the ON position: the additive is drawn and mixed in the Mixtron dosing pump.
ON-OFF valve in the OFF position: the Mixtron dosing pump’s motor piston is at rest; there is no drawing or mixing of the additive, only the main liquid flows in and out.

The Mixtron dosing pump equipped with By-Pass (external mixer) makes it possible to use aggressive liquids without causing damage to the motor piston’s plastic parts.
The By-Pass system is supplied solely with its suitable dosing pump.